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Race, Gender & Migration:

Resisting Injustice at the Crossroads

Welcome to AFRORESISTANCE's Race, Gender & Migration section!

Here, we stand at the powerful intersection where these forces collide, examining the unique struggles faced by Afro-descended people in the Americas. Our commitment extends beyond migration; it encompasses working tirelessly for the rights of Afro-descendant women and girls, fostering bridges of solidarity to ensure that their life journey is dignified and liberating. We recognize that within Black communities, oppression manifests in multifaceted ways. Therefore, our focus is on amplifying the voices of Black women, femmes, LBTQ+ individuals, and those affected by the criminal justice system, whether formerly or currently incarcerated. At the core of our mission lies the pursuit of liberation — liberation from systemic oppression, liberation from discrimination, and liberation to live authentically and freely.


Why Intersectionality Matters

At AFRORESISTANCE, we believe that to truly understand the experiences of Afro-descendants, we must see the bigger picture. We consider how race, gender, migration status, and incarceration status all intertwine. This intersectionality creates a complex web of challenges for Black migrants, especially those impacted by the criminal justice system. Our work aims to create a more inclusive space for dialogue by recognizing the rich diversity within the Afro-descendant community, uplifting voices that are often silenced.

The Challenges We Face
Black migrants navigate a minefield of obstacles on their journeys. Systemic racism, gender-based violence, economic exploitation, and difficulty accessing basic services are just a few of the hurdles they face. For Black women and LGBTQ+ individuals who are formerly incarcerated or currently facing incarceration, these challenges become even more daunting. The intersection of these identities in the context of migration creates a heightened vulnerability and marginalization, making it extremely difficult to reintegrate and access support.

Fighting for Liberation
AFRORESISTANCE is dedicated to the liberation of Afro-descendant people, including those caught in the grip of the criminal justice system. We advocate for their rights and provide vital support services tailored to their specific needs. Through grassroots organizing, powerful advocacy campaigns, and community outreach, we strive to build a society rooted in justice and equality, where everyone, regardless of race, gender, migration, or incarceration history, can experience true liberation.

Solidarity is Strength
In the Race, Gender & Migration section, we champion solidarity amongst Black communities across the globe. By fostering connections and sharing resources, we strengthen our collective power to fight for systemic change and dismantle the interlocking systems of oppression that hold Black migrants back, especially those with incarceration histories. Together, we can create a world that is more inclusive and just for all.

Join the Movement
We invite you to delve deeper into the Race, Gender & Migration section and explore how you can be part of the solution. Whether you are a Black migrant seeking support, an ally yearning to learn more, or a fellow activist committed to racial and gender justice, there's a place for you at AFRORESISTANCE. Together, we can continue the fight for liberation and equality for all Afro-descendant communities, everywhere, leaving no one behind.

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